• Shower lotions recommended

    Shower lotions recommended

    When it comes to lotions and moisturizers, I'm not a total connoisseur. Of course, I like my skin moisturized, dry, and itch-free. I don't hate the smell of fancy butter lotions. Like many people my age, I've been gifted with many bath and body works lotion kits over the years. But as long as my skin is smooth and flake-free, I'm not too picky when it comes to lotions.

    For years, my casual relationship with body lotions meant that I wasn't completely in tune with application. Most days I'm out the door after a shower (morning is the best time to shower) and have little time (or patience) to properly stop and apply the lotion. For a while, that meant I didn't apply lotion at all, and I often noticed itchy, dry skin because of it, especially in the winter. I hated the minutes I spent applying body lotion after showering, and I always forgot to apply it at night before going to bed, so I tried the shower lotion. In a nutshell, it was life-changing (or simply routine).

    I used (and loved) two different types of shower lotions. The first type I tried, Nivea In-Shower Smoothing Body Lotion, washes off in the shower (after cleansing the skin). The second type, which I still use today, is Jergens Wet Skin Shea Butter Oil Body Lotion, which I apply to wet, clean skin after draining it. I keep a bottle in the shower so I don't have to remember to apply it, and I don't have to worry about using up the whole bottle and running out of lotion.

    With both in-shower body lotions I've tested, application is much easier than with traditional lotions and moisturizers. You don't have to scrub the lotion, realize you squeezed too much out of the bottle, or find a roommate or family member to give you extra. Just smooth the lotion over your skin in the shower. That's it. You don't have to wait for your skin to absorb it or anything else. Today, I use Jergens instead of Nivea, just because there is no rinsing. I don't see much difference in moisturizing power and it doesn't feel sticky.

    As a lotion utilitarian, as long as my skin is not irritatingly dry, I am happy. Plus, at only $5 or $6 per bottle, these in-shower lotion options are definitely within my budget. With just a few moments of work, I can have smooth, moisturized skin every day at an affordable price. It's a win-win for me.

    When I switch to shower lotion, I actually apply the lotion every day. Instead of taking several minutes to apply traditional body lotion, I can apply it all over my body in just a few seconds (or have enough patience). . My skin has never been more hydrated, and this time of year, it absolutely needs it.